Due to COVID-19, JIS has started distance education for the students to continue learning Japanese. This is the first time we are doing online classes since JIS has opened.


Ages 3-18
Saturdays 9AM-12:30PM
August – June
ソーテル日本学院は創立90年を数えるウエストロサンゼルスの日系社会に根付いた日本語教育機関です。現在は、日系子女に留まらず、週一回3歳から18歳までの生徒のための日本語教育機関として広く門戸を開いています。 Sawtelle Gakuin is an independently-operated, nonprofit Japanese language school located at the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle, founded in 1925 in West Los Angeles. Our students learn Japanese language, experience and appreciate Japanese culture, and enjoy a positive learning environment. Our school offers Japanese language classes by experienced, native-speaker teachers at 8 levels from pre-K through high school. All levels of Japanese proficiency are welcome. Our school’s focus on education includes an annual speech contest and preparation for kanji proficiency, AP & SAT, and Credit Test. We also celebrate Japanese culture with activities including Undokai, Setsubun, Hinamatsuri, Kodomo no hi, shodo, and field trips. Past field trips have included Tanaka Farms and the Manzanar War Relocation Center.

Word of the Month


Yayoi (Japanese: 弥生, “new life”) is traditional name for the month of March in the Japanese calendar. The meaning is “grow more and more” corresponding to the grow of plants in spring. Since cherry blossoms and peach blossoms bloom in March, YAYOI is the one of most popular girls’ name.”