We have rolling admission, and the school year starts in August.

Students ages 3 through 18 with any level of Japanese language proficiency are welcome.

Classes are held on Saturdays from 9AM to 12:30 PM at the Japanese Institute of Sawtelle in West Los Angeles, 2110 Corinth Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Experienced, native-speaker teachers provide quality Japanese language education from pre-K through high school.

We also offer elective classes to target areas for improvement, as well as preparation for the Kanji Proficiency exam, Credit Test (foreign language credit for High school students), AP and SAT subject tests.

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Pre K: Kurihara Class • 幼稚部 : 栗原クラス

Students will be introduced to the Japanese school and basic Japanese Language. They will be exposed to Japanese Culture and associated events. The students will learn basic Japanese, written Hiragana, children’s Japanese songs, with hand movements, and crafts.

日本語の学校に慣れることから始め、日本語を楽しく学ぶことに重点を置いています。 日本の文化や行事を紹介しながら、手遊び歌や工作を取り入れ一年間かけてひらがなと日本語の基礎を学習します。

K & above: Servin Class • サーヴィンクラス

Introducing Japanese culture and national events with fun activities such as children’s Japanese songs, with hand movements, crafts, and so forth. Review Hiragana and learn Katakana. Students will learn how to communicate using basic vocabularies and expression by the end of the year.


Elementary 1: Hayakawa Class • 初級 I : 早川クラス

Students learn how to write words by practicing Hiragana and Katakana using 1st year textbook that Japanese 1st grade students are using in Japan. They learn the rules of words and comprehension by reading and writing using the textbook. They also learn 80 Kanji characters that appear in the textbook using Kanji practice notebooks.

1年生の国語の教科書を使い、ひらがな、カタカナの文字の練習をしながら言葉を書けるように します。また教科書の中の簡単な文を、読んだり、書いたりしながら、言葉の決まりを学習します。漢字は、1年生で習う80字の漢字をかんじがくしゅうノートを用いて学んでいきます。

Visco Class (Groups I, II & III)
• ヴィスコクラス(会話クラス I, II, III)

These are Japanese conversation classes tailored for students who are learning Japanese as a second language. We support students who don’t speak Japanese at home.

Group I and II
These classes are divided by age (elementary students in Group I, and middle and high-school students in Group II). These classes are for beginner students. We start by learning common greetings and proceed gradually to converse in various situations. Proper pronunciation is learned, as well as the development of vocabulary.

Group III
In this intermediate class students learn to express themselves in detail, as they strengthen their vocabulary and use more nuanced phrases and advanced grammar.

In all classes, students practice listening, speaking, reading and writing, including Kanji. Japanese culture is woven into the curriculum, as this is a key component to becoming fluent in the language, and being able to master the Japanese communication style.




Takemori Class (Elementary III) • 竹森クラス

This class is for Japanese heritage students, who speak Japanese in the home.

Group I (Elementary III)
The goal is for students to achieve an ability of Japanese that closely matches that of native speakers. Students will become proficient with basic Japanese. They will learn the structure and usage of Japanese through class instruction and various reading materials.

Group II (Intermediate I)
This class is tailored for students who were born and raised in America. Their abilities will be improved using suitable textbooks, reading materials and so forth. The goal is to help individual students achieve Japanese proficiency for the future.

Both Group I and II Classes: students learn Kanji in different classes based upon individual student’s ability. Students can also take Kanji Kentei Tests (a test of Kanji skills) created by the Japanese Kanji Test Association.

Group I (初級Ⅲ)

Group II (中級Ⅰ)

Okada Class I, II (Intermediate to Advanced)
• 岡田クラス(I, II)

Group I (Advanced)
This class is for heritage students (Japanese spoken in the home).

The syllabus aims to improve each student’s understanding of Japan, Japanese Language and Japanese culture through intensive studies. Students also learn the mentality of the Japanese people so they can correspond and thrive in both Japanese and American environments.

Group II (Intermediate to Advance)
This is a conversation class tailored for “Japanese as a second language” students (Japanese not spoken in the home).

Students are able to converse in Japanese in everyday life situations using basic knowledge that they have learned. Some of the study methods we us in class are skits and videos. The goal is for students to be able to correspond in various situation by using their own thinking. To reach the goal, students get acclimated by learning commonly used expressions in everyday life, grammar and Kanji repeatedly. This class is a good size for students to ask questions and speak and actively participate.

Both Group I and II Classes: students learn Kanji in different classes based upon individual student’s ability. Students can also take Kanji Kentei Tests (a test of Kanji skills) created by the Japanese Kanji Test Association. Students can also study for the Japanese AP Test, Subject SAT and Credit Test.

Group I (上級I)


Group II(会話 中級から上級)